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  • Cummings Africa Foundation and Alex Cummings Honored by AME University, Graduate School Named in Honor

    The African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) has decided to name its graduate school in honor of the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress, Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings. In a letter to Mr. Cummings, the President of AMEU, Dr. Joseph T. Isaac (PhD), stated “I am delighted to inform you that in recognition of your ongoing financial support of our Graduate School, and our existing partnership with the Cummings Africa Foundation, the University has decided to honor you.” The university’s graduate school shall be named “Alexander B. Cummings School of Graduate Studies.” In addition to this honor, the AME Church-run University says it has also selected the Cummings Africa Foundation as its “2019 Partner of the Year.”

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  • Cummings Rallies in Support of June 7th Save the State Protest

    Thursday June 7th #SavetheState protest became more successful with the full participation of the partisans of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), who were led by their Political Leader, Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.Though not a part of the structure of the Council of Patriots (COP), the group of Liberians who organized and called the shots for the protest, Mr. Cummings and his ANC folks said they could not sit back idly and watch Liberia descend further in the abyss of desolation. Also, most of the concerns raised by the COP, resonate with the opposition political party.

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  • Cummings' ANC Advances Suggestions to Spur Economic Growth

    Cummings, who retained his position as Political Leader, expressed gratitude to all ANC’s partisans for entrusting him with the leadership of the party. He assured the partisans that he will do everything in his capacity to walk the party to victory in 2023 as the ANC is the Alternative Liberia Deserves. Mr. Cummings underlined several key policy ideas that would pave the road to political power and allow the party to transform the nation into a land of opportunity for all Liberians, a country where no woman should die giving birth to a child nor any person to die of preventable disease for lack of medication. The ANC leader also made several policy proposals which could help the current administration to alleviate the current economic difficulties faced by the people of Liberia. Among other measures, Mr. Cummings called for an end to the massive looting and stealing of state wealth by leaders of the President George Weah-led administration.

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    Liberians, in various communities around the world, have shown interest in supporting the Alternative National Congress of Liberia (ANC-Liberia) and its Political Leader, Alexander B. Cummings.  Some Liberians had organized and formed local ANC support organizations (eg. ANC-USA, ANC-Europe, ANC-Australia, ANC-Midwest, etc.). While the enthusiastic support from these different groups was greatly appreciated, it lacked coordination, resulting in overlaping efforts and inefficiencies.

    To benefit from this enthusiasm, a coherent and effective approach was needed, and anchored in a single coordinating organization, which has now been formed and is being launched, styled ANC-Global.This single-organizational approach is intended to ensure a streamlined and uniformed process for messaging, mobilizing and fundraising, while giving ANC-Liberia a single point of coordinating all Diaspora support activities.

    ANC-Global has been formed as a political grassroots network serving as the umbrella organization for global coordination of Diaspora Liberians (and Liberian groupings in the Diaspora) supportive of ANC-Liberia and its Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings. It is principally charged with fundraising/resource mobilization, as well as providing strategic support, for ANC-Liberia.

    Disclosure: This material is distributed by ANC Global on behalf of ANC Liberia. Additional information is available at the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

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