Liberians, in various communities around the world, have shown interest in supporting the Alternative National Congress of Liberia (ANC-Liberia) and its Political Leader, Alexander B. Cummings.  Some Liberians had organized and formed local ANC support organizations (eg. ANC-USA, ANC-Europe, ANC-Australia, ANC-Midwest, etc.). While the enthusiastic support from these different groups was greatly appreciated, it lacked coordination, resulting in overlaping efforts and inefficiencies.

To benefit from this enthusiasm, a coherent and effective approach was needed, and anchored in a single coordinating organization, which has now been formed and is being launched, styled ANC-Global.This single-organizational approach is intended to ensure a streamlined and uniformed process for messaging, mobilizing and fundraising, while giving ANC-Liberia a single point of coordinating all Diaspora support activities.

ANC-Global has been formed as a political grassroots network serving as the umbrella organization for global coordination of Diaspora Liberians (and Liberian groupings in the Diaspora) supportive of ANC-Liberia and its Political Leader Alexander B. Cummings. It is principally charged with fundraising/resource mobilization, as well as providing strategic support, for ANC-Liberia.

Disclosure: This material is distributed by ANC Global on behalf of ANC Liberia. Additional information is available at the U.S. Department of Justice, Washington D.C.

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