Liberia is at a crossroads. It is time for our country to have a choice beyond the usual ways of doing things.  We need to move beyond a system that too often is rooted in corruption and seeks to reward the powerful at the expense of the people.  Liberians want to see change, to feel hope and to be empowered.” — Hon. Alexander B. Cummings


Combating Corruption: “Clean Hands” Governance

Liberia is at a turning point in its life as a nation.  Its citizens, young and old, want change. Many people fear that the gravity of old habits, mediocrity and corruption will forestall the social and economic development of Liberia, robbing the nation of a historic opportunity to emerge as a competent, self-reliant and prosperous country. ANC champions the introduction a special anti-corruption court and establishment of enforcement mechanisms to hold corrupt officials to account. Fraud, abuse of office and playing by your own rules shall never be tolerated! By tackling corruption and ending wasteful spending, Liberia will realize a more efficient and effective government — one that works for all Liberians. 


Creating Jobs and Revitalizing the Economy

The leading priority of ANC is jobs and the economy.  Unemployment is at unacceptable levels, particularly among Liberia’s young people.  The Liberian dollar and economy are in a state of free-fall. For Liberia to thrive, a vibrant and growing middle-class, and economic empowerment of the Liberian people is critical. The development, management and value-add of Liberia’s agriculture sector and natural resources require collaboration with global partners to stimulate trade and inward investment. In addition, facilitating all levels of financing (micro to macro), eliminating unnecessary regulations and bureaucracy and actively facilitating the growth of Liberian business will enable job creation.


Development of the Agriculture Sector

Even as we approach 2020, Liberia still struggles to feed itself. Yet, Liberia has the natural resources and agricultural potential to increase food production. The capacity building of small scale farmers is key. Agricultural growth is a major driver of poverty reduction, especially in rural Liberia. We must invest in the development of the agricultural sector strategically and sustainably to ensure that Liberia feeds itself and transforms its economy.


Building a 21st Century Liberia

Infrastructure development is key to supporting economic growth and job creation. Growth and diversification of our economy, as well as attraction of foreign investment, requires Consistent and Low-Cost Power, Clean and Safe Drinking Water, Roads and Connectivity (internet) - all paramount to Liberia’s economic development as well as the provision of these basic services to all Liberians, underpinning all other priorities. Aggressively pursuing private sector participation in infrastructure development will be one of the ways ANC will deliver on this commitment.


Modernizing Healthcare

ANC believes that healthcare in Liberia should be a right, and not a privilege, for all citizens. Low cost healthcare for all Liberians and free healthcare for all non-adult Liberians are central to ANC's agenda. Priority will be given to preventative and primary healthcare, and seeking to take advantage of medical advancements and technologies from around the world. ANC will work hard to ensure that all Liberian children have access to immunizations — especially those who can’t afford it.


Expanding Education

ANC seeks to advance economic growth and a healthy democratic society in Liberia through facilitation of innovative, technology-supported education and training. In addition to providing basic literacy for citizens of all ages, the skills and capabilities that global partners require today must be planned for in future generations. ANC champions free adult education, an emphasis on expanded vocational training, and development of a broader set of competencies among the Liberian people.


Engaging the Hearts and Minds of Liberians in the Transformation of Our Country

To sustainably transform Liberia for the benefit of ALL Liberians, Liberians must get involved in “building the house we want to live in”.  Through national service, arts, culture, and sports we will enlist and engage Liberians in actively building the Liberia we all want and deserve.

Empowering Women, Youth, and Communities