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    Dear Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, Jr. ,

    The Liberia for Cummings was established during the 2017-General

    Election to promote you to become president of the Republic of

    Liberia. It was founded in District #17 Brewerville were ANC

    candidates Hon. Abraham Sesay represented the great political party

    and we were the same group that use to go on Rep Power FM to discuss

    issue that will better Liberian lives were they to vote you in the

    2017- General and Presidential Elections for a better economy.

    Furthermore, our group also took you to Brewerville community

    football field were you extended your communities awareness program

    ahead of the 2017-Elections. As you may see attached photographs of

    said program in this email.

    Now the founded of Liberia for Cummings is now is Ghana because of the

    bad governances of President Weah who always have a saying that this

    is our time, that only CDCies should get work with in Liberia and as a

    ANC parties because of no job in the country I came to Ghana and fine

    myself on the Liberia refugee camp.

    There more Liberia’s who have been in Ghana since 1990 and want to get

    home and the United High Commission on Refugee have a plan to get them

    back home so we want you to come first on the Liberia refugee camp and

    have a program to be able to work along with UN in sending these

    people home so that they can be able to vote ANC because they believe

    that you are the right president for Liberia because of your economy


    Buduburam Refugee Camp do not have the opportunities to be able to

    vote so we extend our organization to make Liberians to be able to

    make their right choice comes 2023. We have about 45,000 (Forty Five

    Thousand Liberians living with in Ghana and the refugee camp so we are

    kindly asking you to give us ur full support.

    Your honest and practical approach sets you apart from the other

    candidates. You have shown great concern for the country, and your

    willingness to listen to people’s problems is commendable. we am

    writing today to show my allegiance and support for you and your

    campaign. It is our intention to vote for you. We will also spread

    the word about your abilities and competence.

    You can reach me on facebook at Liberia forCuimmings

    I am confident that you will succeed. We hope to hear from you soon.

    Collins Diamond Jeegbe

    Liberia For Cummings

    Ghana, Liberia refugee Camp



    +1 404-548-8584

    +231 777 744342
    +231 880 744342



I am Collins Diamond Jeegbe a Liberian guy who live in Ghana not too short or tall

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