Pastor Moses D. Williams

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    Christian greetings Hon.Cummings:

    The Christ word mission church ministry and officials located in Grand Bassa County, Benson river community wish to extend

    sincere thanks and appreciation

    to your office for your accountable blessings to the Liberian people.

    Hon Cummings, the above church ministry is kindly asking

    you to please pay a visit at the

    church in Buchanan because

    they really want to have a serious discussion with you .

    We hope to see you soon as possible for the growth and development of Liberia amen.

    Email: [email protected],head pastor

    Phone number:0777902697

    May God’s grace and mercy be upon you amen.



    +1 404-548-8584

    +231 777 744342
    +231 880 744342


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