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    Hi Gentlemen,

    I’m Prince M. Wreh. I’ve followed the recent history and I’ve read a lot about Mr. Alexander B. Cummings. May I say I’m not only impressed with his CV, I’m confident that he has what is required to transform Liberia from its transmogrified condition. I believe with the current condition of Liberia is joke, if not worse. But, if our dream bearer can ascend to the helm of the Liberian government, positive change is certain.

    To lead a nation in this 21st century, you must have a helping hand from somewhere, and as economically weak as we are, we need a greater helping hand. And I believe Mr. Cummings, with his numerous tentacles of connections and his school of thought (when one acquires certain status in society, he or she protects such so as to leave a legacy that the family may defended by or may serve as an eternal recommendation), will certainly transform Liberia.

    I am ready to get on board and I can be contacted on 0776-059318.

    Thank you.



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